Ralph Atkinson  BSc CPA EPA MITMA

Ralph is an European and International Patent Attorney and Intellectual Property specialist. He has over 30 years of patenting experience, working across many technical fields for large and medium-sized enterprises.

He gained significant private practice experience in paten­t drafting and prosecution with Ivor Fitzpatrick and Keith Beresford. His corporate experience was within Quantel (a video graphics and digital special effects manufacturer), British Telecom and Molins. He is now founder and director of Atkinson and Company Intellectual Property Limited.

Ralph is a specialist in  obtaining patents in challenging technical fields. as well as the development of specific intellectual property portfolios. His technical specialisms include software, audio and video processing, CGI and telecommunications.

He is particularly experienced at working with inventors and early stage entrepreneurs. He understands how to develop IP strategies to maximise shareholder value. He is skilled at identifying inventions with real commercial potential, and building a portfolio that makes best use of limited budgets.