Chris Hewlett MA MEng CEng MCIM FRSA

Chris has worked in chemical and related high-hazard industries as a chartered Chemical Engineer for the last 30 years.

His experience covers the full range of technical, economic and commercial facets of product and process development: R&D; manufacturing and production; design and projects; front-end engineering systems; technology programmes; marketing; strategic planning; health, safety and regulatory matters; people and training.

He uses creativity to broaden options and combat uncertainty. Equally he applies numeracy, modelling and analysis to provide a firm base for decisions. His passion is working with people to challenge and broaden their thinking constructively, while exposing assumptions which may be limiting progress or distorting strategy.

Chris’s work spans chemicals, oil and gas, biotech and nuclear, renewable energy, environmental technology, government and transport infrastructure. He is a seasoned investigator and troubleshooter.