What we do

Unleashing potential – getting the best from yourself and your enterprise through start-up to sustainable operation

Quite simply, a new start-up company is not just about raising initial capital, it’s about post investment survival and the journey to full commercialisation of the idea and the business. This is survival through the Valley of Death, as it’s popularly called. But, as Momenta³ knows, it’s not only survival: it’s about blossoming, delivering continued sustainable growth year on year and fruitful returns for investors.

Key strategies, investment requirements, proof of concept, market identification, brand enlightenment and expanded intellectual property rights are all areas of exploration that need to be fulfilled. And, as we see movement away from traditional funding sources and principles, towards new models and innovative financing techniques, the need for highly experienced strategic mentoring is key.

Momenta³ is networked with entrepreneurs, private equity investors, equity funds, grant providers and now of course with crowd funding and peer-to-peer networks, where significant gains for growth can be delivered with relative speed in comparison to traditional routes.

Momenta³ was created to fill a gap in the business start-up and growth market by a group of individuals from diverse but successful backgrounds. So, if you are a new start-up, or looking for a valuable team to help support and grow your business this is a good place to gain some great momentum.

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